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    65+ inventions you probably didn’t know were out there

    Once upon a time, mankind thought that sliced bread was the coolest thing that ever happened. But now, as we push our imagination beyond breakfast items, we’ve created things that are not only useful but imaginative as well. Here’s a list of cool product designs, concepts, and gadgets that will make you reimagine your life […] More

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    27 People Who Don’t Know How To Use Ketchup

    If you’re like most Americans, you probably grew up on ketchup. You put it on eggs, potatoes, and even chicken. It’s also used as an ingredient for a number of dishes. With how popular and well-loved it is, ketchup is considered as an incomparable condiment and even the sauce of sauces. However, despite its popularity, […] More

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    30+ strange things in places you’d never expect

    A lot of our actions are housed within routines, and they make our mundane days much more predictable. But every now and then, when we’re tuned in to the moment just a little bit more than usual, we’d find ourselves staring at something so hilariously and randomly spectacular. Ever had that moment where you saw […] More

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    52 People who messed things up so bad we all have questions

    Completing a task always feels satisfying. However, just because you got the job done, doesn’t mean that you got it done right. Whether it’s due to laziness, distractions, or just plain incompetency, some finished projects simply don’t turn out the way that they were meant to. Check out this list of 52 people who messed […] More

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