15 Funny Selfies That Will Leave You In Fits

People love capturing moments. Some people are good at taking pictures or selfies. Yet there are some silly people out there who capture funny selfies. The trends are changing more towards selfies, and by making stupid faces, these selfies become the best. We have jotted down a few funny selfies from brainless people that will make you laugh.

Naughty Elephant

Some people really go far just for the sake of taking selfies. Kim Kardashian was among those people. She tried to take a selfie with a baby elephant with full excitement, but unfortunately, the baby elephant didn’t like it. It seems as if the elephant was trying to say, “ No pictures, please.” Later, the baby elephant decided to blow air out of his massive trunk, which created a panicky fit in Kim. Always consider your surroundings before taking a selfie.

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