15 Hilarious Drunk Moments You Won’t Believe Happened

There’s a reason liquor companies add the phrase “drink responsibly” in their adverts. Too much alcohol in the system can be dangerous and cause irreversible damage. It can also create memories the recipient won’t forget, and these incidents can help make the day of countless others. Losing your inhibitions can lead to some pretty golden moments. These 15 drunk moments epitomize the previous statement and will leave readers holding their stomachs from laughter.

Intoxication = Creativity

Most people may find it difficult to manage this when they are sober. This individual has made the perfect mini drumset using drink stirrers. The stage is now ready for Alvin and The Chipmunks to perform. The sturdiness and overall quality of the instrument are still up for speculation. The other hilarious aspect of this drunk moment is imagining this man going around gathering drink stirrers. “Excuse me, ma’am, if your drink has finished, may I borrow your stirrer?”.

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