15 Hilarious Pictures From Around the Internet

The internet is a fascinating phenomenon, and today it connects more than just computers. This digital realm is a platform that connects everything from businesses to people’s social lives through sites like Instagram and Facebook. People can also use it as a pertinent source of information for research. The impact and importance of the internet on the daily lives of every individual are undeniable.

The fact that ridiculous and funny pictures end up going viral on the internet is only a further testament to the range and multitude of information on this single platform.

A Marketing Tactic Like No Other

There’s a certain charm in ridiculous statements. Especially the ones that make you go, “well, they’re not wrong”. The beauty and genius of this establishment’s tactic is that people are being misled and aren’t. The ingenious proprietor of this store is simply taking advantage of the fact that people often do not read the fine print. This individual is truly ahead of the times. This also sounds like a deal you simply can’t miss. A product that could be 99 cents, over that amount, or under it? Sign me up.

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