15 Pictures You Won’t Believe Were Taken At The Gym

There has never been a more conflicting relationship than the one we have with the gym. Often, people will get a membership but not go. If this isn’t a strange phenomenon, then I’m not sure what is. Similarly, the gyms of the world are packed in the first week of January but have half that occupancy for the rest of the year. Full occupancy or not, the gym can be full of strange sights. The following 15 pictures taken at the gym prove that it can be a diverse environment. To say the least.

The Gym At 7, Date At 8

This woman must have a packed schedule. However, kudos to her for making time for the grind. Everyone can forgive her for forgetting her sneakers at home today. It’s either that or she’s making a statement. A very bold statement which says, “I can lift in heels. Watch me”. This is one theory. The funnier theory is that she has a date right after her workout and can not spare a second after the gym. Whoever the lucky guy is should know that he’s about to date one determined woman. If she can lift that much weight in heels, the sky’s the limit.

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