15 Quirky British Phrases that Will Leave Non-Britishers Confused

There are certain phrases in every language that don’t translate correctly. There are plenty of absolute corkers in British English that might sound the complete opposite of what they actually mean. To kill your curiosity, we have compiled a list of some of the best British slangs that define what the British culture is all about. Without wasting more time, check out some British phrases and try to guess what each one means!

A Bunch of 5s

If you’re from the US, saying a bunch of 5s would mean a stack of five-dollar bills, but it means something totally different in the UK. This British phrase refers directly to the human fist, with the 5s being the five fingers. To make it simpler, giving someone a bunch of 5 means to punch someone really hard. It’s the British version of the term “a knuckle sandwich”. Next time you got offered a bunch of five, stop, drop and just run!

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