15 Unique Houses that Look Straight Out of Movies

People are very particular about the design of their houses, and some are way too creative when it comes to building their homes. It’s so interesting to see how and where people live as it gives more creative ideas regarding your space. Some of these houses are so unreal that they look like they are not from this world. Scroll down to see a few unique houses that are ever exciting in this world.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

The architect created the design of this home, keeping nature in mind. They planned the design in a way that it looks like a huge tree trunk. This house looks different from a different angle. At times it depicts as if it is a mushroom, animal, or a cave. The architect Dang Viet Nga constructed this building in Da Lat, Vietnam. The building became famous in 1990. This house is considered a unique architecture and listed among the world’s ten most unconventional buildings.

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