19 Funny Babies Who Are Masters Of Escape

One minute, your little bub is sitting in his crib, just innocently playing with his toys and the next, he’s climbing over the rails and slipping slowly down until he lands on the floor.

Babies sure know how to keep grown-ups on their toes! It’s such a mystery how they learn the art of escaping but it sure is entertaining to watch! Fortunately, we live in a time where we can easily document babies’ antics in secret while keeping an eye on them.

Source: YouTube

These babies sure know how to act fast. In a matter of seconds, they’re able to step on pillows and other objects that give leverage, swing their legs over the top of the crib, and land with ease (or with very little struggle). What makes this funnier is the confidence they have while escaping, topped with the triumphant look on their faces when they realize their attempt was a successful one.

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