20 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats & Dogs Share The Best Bittersweet Relationship

There’s this certain mindset that everybody has which makes them believe that dogs and cats are natural contenders, but is that really true? This argument has been going on for decades now – whether a cat and a dog can be friends or not? Because of that, people are often reluctant to the idea of having a cat and a dog in the same house because they don’t think it would end well. Where they may be different than each other, it can also be proven that they can befriend each other. That is, once they find common grounds.

And when they do, nothing in the world can give you more happiness than having a cat and a dog in the same house. You wouldn’t want to leave the house even for work because the amount of cuteness you’d have under your roof, would always just make you want to stay.
We have managed to collect more than a bunch of pictures which depicts that a cat and a dog can be friends! Hopefully, it will bring a change to your approach and would give you a different perspective to think about. Let’s take a look at some of the cutest pictures below:

1. “So, we got a kitten…”

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2. “Which pet cemetery did you dig this thing out of?”

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