JUST IN: Three New States Plan To Re-Open

As government shut downs linger on, our economy continues to suffer. Now, several states are calling into question the necessity to maintain stay at home orders, citing that current COVID-19 trends might sustain with fewer restrictions.

Last week, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced that state restrictions would be loosened in an attempt to re-start one of the countries largest state economies. The plan called for immediate lifts on certain medical procedures and later called for state parks, retail stores, and other businesses to re-open under new guidelines. Now, two additional southern states are joining Texas.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced today that he’ll be adjusting the rules for some businesses, allowing for re-openings next week. Gyms, beauty shops, and similar businesses will be permitted to open this Friday. Additionally, restaurants and theaters will also begin reopening with social distancing procedures in effect. However, Kemp did note that nightlife venues will continue to remain closed at this time.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster continued the trend by stating that the re-opening of businesses would start as soon as today (Monday) to jumpstart a plan to gradually re-open fully as quickly as possible. The retail location opening today could do so by strictly adhering to a maximum allowable in-store capacity of twenty percent. Statewide public beaches, piers, and docks would also be re-opening.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee set a new bar for resuming life as usual – claiming that the stay at home order would cease by the end of April.

While the The White House provided updated guidelines dictating when states could re-open, none of these three states are eligible. More specifically, these states fail to meet the case and hospitalization thresholds set forth

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  1. 1. No listen to the Dr.Birk and and Dr. Faus.also I have found out that Mt Sani hospital in calf and Pro idance hospital in wa are having problems with PPE. Why would nurses dr or anyone not having all the clean mask thay they need
    . We are going to give vibulators and other things to other country’s but not give our nurses etc. Clean madk dealing with every patient dealing with covid.this is wrong
    This needs changed now

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