Shots Fired As Piers Morgan Takes Jabs At Trump

If what Trump did to Obama and Biden this week is an indicator of what’s to come, Piers Morgan best watch his back.

The host of ‘Good Morning Britain’ and former friend of Trump, told CNN that he no longer supported president, urging him to put self interests aside and stop “playing petty politics” with respect to the Coronavirus.

More specifically, Piers purported that Trump is spending too much time passing blame and engaging with reporters instead of focusing on the pandemic. Piers stated, “no it’s not, Donald Trump. What is more important right now is saving American lives.”

To ensure Trump heard his plea, Piers tweeted the link to his article directly at Trump, taking advantage of the fact that Piers is just one of less than 50 people the president follows on the social media platform. Later he then shared that his CNN interview made it into the Washington Post.

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