25 Photos that prove what you see on social media can’t always be believed

Social media is, by nature, a competition. Who looks the prettiest, who’s aged the slowest, who has the nicest vacations, who gyms the hardest, who spoils their kids the most on Christmas day… the list goes on. Nearly all of us are guilty of manipulating reality somewhat when it comes to posting online. Perhaps we edit a photo to make it more flattering or pretend that something was a lot more enjoyable than it was. But our minor editing skills are nothing compared to the big social media influencers. Just wait until you see these photos!\

1.Close and personal with nature

The shot captured here looks quite magical, though it’s also a little confusing. We can’t work out whether the woman being photographed is going for a “fallen fairy” look or she just fancied a nap mid-shoot. The “reality” shot makes things even more amusing – she’s genuinely made a bed in a giant bush. We can’t knock the photographer, though – it’s a good photo.

2. Reading: reality vs how you feel

You might find yourself so lost in a good book that you often feel like you can relate to the photo on the right more than reality. It was probably obvious that this one is a touch edited, come to think of it. We’re not sure anyone would perch on a rock, suspended above the clouds, and decide now was the time to pull out a book. It’s still pretty cool, though.

3. When the flowers are too far away

If you’re a fan of a pretty floral background, you’ll know that it always seems to be the case that the flowers are too far away for your photo to do them justice. But this guy was determined, and with a couple of friends holding him half-suspended in the bushes, he got the shot he was looking for. It’s a bit like the trust fall, except for much longer.

4. Baby photo setup

Newborn babies don’t really need a ginormous background setup, with them being so tiny themselves. This little guy might look like he’s asleep on a bog-standard carpet, but he’s actually lying on a rug half-suspended in the air. There’s no way the photographer can get any unwanted items in the background that way, and they’ve got a lot more control over the lighting.

5. Backstage of a photo setup

Never would you imagine that so much effort goes into your favorite influencers’ photos. This has probably led you to say things like “being an influencer must be amazing, you get loads of money for nothing”, or “an influencer’s job is so easy, even I could do it”. While you might not technically need to be clever to get famous online, don’t discredit how much work goes into it. It’s certainly not as fun and easy as it looks.

6. Flex it

If you looked like your best self 24/7, you probably wouldn’t be human. This man is proof that even the most toned of bods only look that way when you suck in the right bits and flex your muscles. When he’s standing in a slouch, he’s got just as much of a belly as the rest of us. We personally think photo 2 would be the more honest option, but social media doesn’t work that way.

7. The hidden process

This is another one of those wtf?? shots that make us wonder what the photographer had in mind in the first place. Our guess is that the subject of the photo was supposed to look as if she’d been standing under a very small waterfall, or perhaps it had rained specifically over her nose. Either way, the “silly” shot that proves the woman is simply standing under a water bottle is a lot more relatable.

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