30 Annoying, every day problems that only short girls will understand

Being short is a blessing and a curse. Being shorter than 5’2…well, that can be exceptionally difficult. But don’t worry, there are millions of other girls out there that are short as well. Here are 30 things that only girls shorter than 5’2 can actually relate to. You might see some slides and think “That’s totally me!” and you might see some slides and think…”Wow, what a great solution!”

Let’s talk about driving

Don’t you hate being short and trying to reach the pedals? It’s basically like smashing your body against the steering wheel just to reach something. Not fun at all!

An honest solution for being short

One solution that many people recommend is to just stand on everything. Use pipes, boxes, anything that will help you get that ice cream on the top shelf!

Lazy people solutions that defy common sense

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