40 All Too Common Makeup Mistakes

2) Using The Wrong Eyeliner

Source: Instagram/cdcmua
Although black eyeliner looks great on darker complexions, a thick and heavy cat-eye look is not for everyone. If you’re pale as a ghost, it’ll just make you look like you’re wearing theatrical makeup!Here are some helpful eyeliner tips:

  • Lighter complexions should stick with brown liner.
  • Pick a lighter, more subtle shade if you line underneath your eyes.
  • Use a nude liner on your waterline – black will just make your eyes look smaller.
  • For a more natural look, line 3/4 of the upper lid and skip the inner corners.
  • Use pencil or kohl liners – they look more natural and you can blend them, unlike liquid liners. Or better yet, just use eyeshadow to line your lids!

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