40 unlucky situations that will have you saying “well, that sucks”

Some situations in life are so frustrating that we just have to shake our heads and laugh about it. That’s what happened with these 40 unlucky people. They got dealt a really bad hand this time around.

From real-life pandemic problems to coffee shop employees forced to sort through 10,000 beans by hand, this list has all of our favorites.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll definitely feel the pain of these people. We look at their situations and all we can think is, “well… that really sucks”!

1. Graduation Blues

“After 3 years of work, I graduate today with my Master’s from Harvard… in my office,” laments the hardworking university student. After years of effort, he was forced to do his graduation ceremony over Zoom due to the pandemic. The poor guy just had to shrug it off

2. Congratulatory Sticker

This person spent months working through the pandemic and all they got for their efforts was a silly sticker. The compensation was somewhat disappointing, to say the least. In the retail world, that’s often how things go.


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