50 bizarre sights people have witnessed at the airport

Airports can be strange places. Once you make it through security, it kind of feels like time stops and you enter an alternate reality. People are sleeping on the floor and trying desperately to entertain children. You might see a family sprinting at top speed toward their gate. In the security line, people have to take their clothes off. And the sandwiches cost $17. Ultimately, none of us want to spend a lot of time at the airport. We all just want to get to our destination. But we also understand that being in the airport is a necessary evil to getting where you want to go as fast as possible. Sometimes, it just becomes about surviving those long, boring hours until our plane takes off. If you’ve ever had a long layover or a delayed flight, you know how boring it is. People go to extreme lengths to entertain themselves or just get comfortable. There aren’t many places you get to step over a businessman napping on the floor in a suit. But you just might at the airport! So, grab your neck pillow, find the nearest open charger, and settle in for the 50 weirdest and most hilarious things we’ve spotted at the airport.

1. That’s one way to spot your bag

Save Finding your bag at the airport is always a challenge. This man had a unique solution to the problem. No fumbling around to look at the nametag.

2. They almost missed him

How adorable is it that these Stormtroopers had a sign? Who else could they have been waiting for? Sure, maybe Kylo Ren, but they wouldn’t greet him with this much enthusiasm.

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