50 People Experiencing A Very Lucky Day

Luck is a fickle thing. You never know when luck is going to be on your side. A lucky day can happen through a variety of ways though, big and small. A person can get lucky by getting surprised with more than they expected or by living through a harrowing experience and living to tell the tale. Luck can vary but when it is on your side you can expect great things.

Here are 50 people that had luck on their side and wanted the world to know.

1. This Close

This driver must have seen his entire life flash before his eyes. Luckily for him, luck was on his side and he stayed safe. He might have a fear of driving down this road again but at least he was lucky enough to survive, not only survive but not even receive a scratch.

2. Hanging By A Wire

Many people use the phrase “hanging by a thread” to explain a precarious situation. This person changed it up a bit because this car is hanging by a wire. You might think the owner of this car is not having a lucky day but we beg to differ. This person is lucky that their car did not completely fall out of the parking structure onto the ground below.


3. Bullet Collision

The odds of two bullets hitting each other, instead of their intended target, seems almost impossible. Yet, here is proof that is has happened. These two lucky bullets hitting each other could have saved two people that they were being aimed at. Luck can come from the most unusual circumstances.

4. Hanging Out

This fish is just hanging out and not realizing how lucky it really is. This fish is way too close from falling completely over and emptying out but was luckily saved by the wall. Just do not move it a centimeter, unless you are moving it back onto the table.


5. Safe and Sound

Buying a new house is enough luck for any family. Yet, discovering a hidden safe within that new house is even luckier. They opened the safe and the word “Bingo” was clearly seen. Bingo is right!

6. Cliff Diving

The first two pictures does not seem so bad but once the third picture shows how high up the car is, it becomes terrifying. That is one day that luck saved a life, that is for sure. The driver needs to figure out a way to keep luck on their side


7. Extra Ice Cream

Luck does not have to come during life threatening moments. Luck can come by getting an extra bit of ice cream within your cone. The top of an ice cream cone is the best part and this person gets to have two of them. That is a lucky day.

8. Tickets on Tickets

Arcade games can come down to luck many of the times, especially when children are playing them. This little girl hit the jackpot and cannot believe her luck. Her face says it all, she is having a surprisingly awesome day.


9. Staying Late Prizes

They say the early bird gets the word but this late bird received all the gifts without coming in early. It was a Friday work day and all his coworkers had left earlier than clock out time. When the boss came in with gifts for his staff and saw only one person left, he decided to give that one person all the gifts. This is one instance where staying until clock out time on a Friday turned out to be lucky.

10. $4 Million Luck

This man lives in Arkansas and found a chunk of quartz on his property. His lucky find’s estimated worth was $4 million dollars. That lucky treasure was the gift that will keep on giving for years.


11. Here’s Your Change

She received change at her local grocery store and was shocked to find a dime from the years 1914. This dime is her new lucky coin. This dime is worth way more than 10 cents today!

12. Lucky Shredder

What are the odds. He shredded a receipt, on accident, that he still needed to record. He looked into the shredder just in case he could find the total amount. Lucky for him, the receipt shredded with the amount perfectly legible on one shredded scrap.

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