75 hilarious design fails where designers dropped the ball

It’s not easy being a designer. Even for the best of designers, it’s pretty much inevitable that eventually, they’re going to make a mistake — sometimes a big mistake! That’s what these designers did. These artists’ projects were originally created with the best of intentions, but ultimately, they had all sort of unintended consequences. We’ve gathered 75 of the most hilarious design fails to share with you today and brighten your spirits. It doesn’t matter how bad your day is going, at least you can take solace in the fact that you’re not the designer who accidentally made a school bus advertisement telling kids to quit school.

1. Ndeeisgihgbnocrehnotoedr

This sign makes perfect sense! Can’t you understand it? What they were actually trying to say was “Neighborhood Design Center”. However, their approach of alternating the letters of the three words didn’t exactly turn out the way they imagined.

2. Trusting the “multilingual” ad designer

We’ve been trying for at least 10 minutes to figure out what kind of business this is, but we still have no idea. Is it a hair salon, a modeling club, or a translator service? Our best guess is that it’s a hair salon and the translation application they used simply didn’t connect properly.

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