9-Year-Old Girl Lost Her Baseball Cards In Wildfire, So Man Donates His 25000-Card Collection


If you thought life wasn’t fair before, then welcome to this year.

This roller coaster year has been nothing short of suspense and disappointment at nearly every turn.

As if dealing with a global pandemic wasn’t enough, the adverse effects of climate change constantly loom over our heads while America’s leadership does little to stifle the growing problem.

It’s as if the cosmic authors of this simulation are purposefully pulling the strings for one of the deepest 9th innings in a ball game.

Speaking of climate change and baseball, a story of generosity in San Jose has lifted our hearts and will surely warm yours, no fire necessary.

Source: YouTube/NBC Bay Area

This year’s Western wildfires, such as the Creek Fire in California have led to immense destruciton throughout the region.

The scorching fires ravaged through more than 4 million acres of land throughout the Golden State and destroyed valuable crops, trees, and countless homes.

The conflagration has become California’s single largest fire in history. The flames extend from Fresno to Madera county – a whopping 290,000 acres! So far, 26 individuals have been hurt and 856 structures destroyed.

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