Belle Delphine Receives Huge Backlash For Posting Disturbing Content With No ‘Trigger Warning’

Belle Delphine has come under fire from social media users after sharing triggering images about her ‘perfect first date’ without a warning, with people saying the themes of kidnapping and rape are ‘unacceptable’ grounds.

(If those areas are trigger areas for you, click away now)

Delphinewhose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, prides herself inher ‘weird’sexualised content, having built a huge fanbase in the process – with 1.93 YouTube subscribers and so much interest on OnlyFans that she claims to make ‘a mill a month‘.

For her latest stunt, however, some people believe she’s taken her offbeat style too far, as she shared potentially upsetting content without any form of warning.

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