Belle Delphine Receives Huge Backlash For Posting Disturbing Content With No ‘Trigger Warning’

Yesterday, she posted a series of four images, captioning them: “My perfect first date.”

In the photos, we see that she is tied up with rope, with tape over her mouth. Several show her bundled into a car – in one, she’s even in the boot – while in another it appears that her ‘kidnapper’ is having sex with her against her will.

One person wrote: “I know she posts nsfw content but posting something like that WITH NO TRIGGER WARNING is unacceptable to me. So many of her followers or others could have seen this and been triggered and that’s not f**king okay.”

Someone else said: “I saw a quick glimpse as to why Belle Delphine is trending WITHOUT A TRIGGER WARNING (thank god it was cropped heavily). I am physically sick. I actually almost threw up. now I have to throw away the rest of my ice cream bc I can’t eat! I am not okay.”

Some people tried to defend Delphine by saying that she was merely depicting ‘two partners consenting in role-play’.

But others argued it wasn’t the actual nature of the content that they found offensive, more so the manner in which it had been shared.

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