Fans Call Ayesha Curry A ‘Hypocrite’ After Posting Bikini Pics!

Canadian actress and TV personality Ayesha Curry is getting slammed hard by Twitter today – Fans are calling her a ‘Hypocrite’ after she posted bikini pics.

Ayesha Curry, the famous wife of Stephen Curry is being criticized and being called a“hypocrite” by Twitterati today. Why? Well because Ayesha ended up doing something that she very strongly disapproved a few years ago.

She criticized other women for posting bikini photos and then she went ahead and did it herself.


Ayesha Curry, 31, has lost a ton of weight recently, and much like most celebrities, she even started sharing her journey on social media with her fans.

But what she prolly forgot was that a few years ago, she shared a really strong opinionated post expressing her disapproval for women who show their body parts on social media.

Image: Themercurynews

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