Heartbreaking: 66-Year-Old Foster Mother Gone Forever

Pandemic Hits Life Real Hard

This pandemic has proved to be very devastating all over the world. The coronavirus has been very toxic in everybody’s lives. It has caused tons of people’s lives at risk due to the spread of this.

Throughout the world, the COVID’19 has affected day-to-day life. People are taking precautions, but still, it’s not safe. This new viral disease is affecting every human’s life in the worst way. It has caused disruptions. During this global mess of a situation, children and adults are facing mixed emotions.

Foster Mother Faces COVID’19 Complications.

A family in Florida has been a victim of COVID’19. A 66-year-old foster mother was battling with covid’19 along with her husband. That’s a very tragic and unfortunate thing that has happened to them.

A few days back, Susan Braley and her husband, Dennis, tested positive. They were immediately hospitalized and went away from their children.

Her husband Dennis remained on the premises of the hospital. On the other hand, Susan lost her life due to this deadly virus. The family is very heartbroken right now.

They must be in deep pain. The loss is harrowing, and it’s there forever now. It’s so hard to cope up with. Wonder how they are dealing with it.

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