Hilarious Never-Before-Seen Photoshop Fails

People love to edit their pictures in order to get the desired result. However, not all the images that people edit turn out the way they plan. Some pictures are so horrible that the internet finds immense pleasure in trolling them. And yet, people still pretend that the pictures that they edit are natural. Here are some great examples.

Super Dry Hair

This man decided to show a little bit of rain in order to accentuate the shape of his abs under his T-shirt. However, with his Photoshop edit, he forgot to wet his hair!

No Need For Leg Day Now

Leg days at the gym can be difficult to endure and you will usually find it hard to walk properly the next day without experiencing pain. However, there is now an easier solution to building up your muscles; just stick some fake calves onto your legs!

Resting On A Squid

This guy’s picture has clearly been Photoshopped, although he has done a pretty good job of modifying it. It just begs the question as to why?

I Got An App For That

There is no need for makeup artists anymore since people have decided to use apps to make themselves look more beautiful. Human beings are flawed and in these flaws, we should find perfection, yet some people still crave a perfect face.

Jawline Gone Wrong

The guy on the right either has a very bad hairstylist or doesn’t know how to use Photoshop properly. Apart from that odd-looking square jawline, the picture seems to be just fine.

The Hourglass Figure

Girls need to exercise a lot in order to achieve that hourglass figure. However, this girl has found satisfaction in a poorly edited picture that makes her look quite odd. We are sure that no normal woman looks like this.

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