Joe Biden’s Approval Ratings Will Shock You.

A simple percentage determines the fate of an entire presidency. The highest rating approval can increase support for a president’s agenda.

Here, Biden begins his presidency with so much positivity. Biden’s approval rating is hitting the charts. Trump loses with the lowest approval of his presidency.

Just after one week of Biden’s presidency, he has won everyone’s approvals. The popularity is growing day by day. Trump never had the highest rating in his entire four years of service. He never came close to these numbers.

Fifty percent of Americans are approving, and 30 percent disapproving.

Biden is definitely hitting the charts amazingly!

Everybody’s happy with that. Trump’s rating record was very low. The president has already started to work. It seems like he doesn’t want to waste time. Let’s admire his spirits!

More good seems to be in Biden’s way, and that’s a good thing. People are already on Biden’s side as expectations are much higher from him.

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