John Lennon’s 35 Best Quotes On Life, Love, And Peace

Born October 9, 1940, John Lennon’s life and work continue to inspire people yet today. He realized how influential he had become and used that influence to send positive messages to the world. He wanted to touch the hearts of his fans with peace and love.

Forming the Beatles

On July 6, 1957, John met Paul McCartney at a church gathering. Only the future could foretell these two would eventually be known among the most successful songwriters in musical history.

Lennon left the Beatles and released his debut solo album in 1970. The next year he released Imagine which became the most commercially successful of all his efforts after the break up of the Beatles. The song was chosen to third on Rolling Stone’s “All-Time Best Songs” list.

Tragedy Struck

The man who spoke out for peace and love lost his life to a deranged fan who shot him several times in front of his apartment. On December 8, 1980, he passed at New York City’s Roosevelt Hospital at the age of 40.

A Legend Who Lives On

Not only does John’s music live on – but so do his words. Enjoy this collection of his top 35 most famous quotes.

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