Katy Perry Looks Unrecognisable as She Goes Make-Up Free in Relatable Quarantine Post

Millions of people around the world are currently living in quarantine thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, and that most certainly doesn’t exclude the rich and famous.

Katy Perry recently revealed her own make-up free “quarantine look”… and she is truly unrecognizable.

You’ll be shocked at the difference make-up makes! Keep scrolling to see for yourself…

Who doesn’t love Katy Perry?

Since making her debut in 2004, the pop singer has become a household name in the music industry. With some catchy songs.

Her many anthems have since become the pinnacle of club music, with “Firework” and “Roar” making any night out a triumph!

And she is very well known for her interesting style.

While she can definitely belt out a tune, Perry is also known for her likeable personality and her interesting fashion choices.

But Perry is known for something else, too…

Perfect hair stylist, which changes every now and then.

From Where it begins, baby kitty perry from 2014

Her natural look in 2015

From a short period of time it remained.

Feelin’ blue?

Probably the most famous and iconic look of katty perry.

Later returned back to the black look!

Again back to BLUE!

And it stayed for a little longer

And yet another Pastel look

But as we can all relate, getting a hair cut in the current climate is now almost impossible.

Millions around the world are now living in quarantine thanks to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which has now affected hundreds of thousands.

And here is the “reality” version… Quarantine Version

Katy posed for a selfie makeup-free wearing a fluffy bathrobe, along with the caption:

“Pre-quarantine – mid-quarantine. Hope your stay-at-home plans tonight include joining me for a beautiful and breezy episode of #AmericanIdol, taped in heavenly Hawaii back in January and February.”

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