Kendall Jenner Accused of Editing Her Body as Fans Spot ‘Ridiculous’ Photoshop Fail

Kendall Jenner has hit the headlines for a “ridiculous” mistake that she made in one of her latest Instagram posts… And it’s pretty awkward if I do say so myself.

Keep scrolling to check it out as well as a bunch of other Kardashian photoshop fails.

It’s no secret that the Kardashians love a bit of cosmetic surgery.

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It’s practically what they’re known for.

Every single time that you think that you know what they look like, they appear again looking completely different.

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Suddenly, their lips are poutier or their bodies have been molded into a whole different shape. Whatever work they get done seems to spark a new trend among internet users and, before you know it, everyone’s walking around with lip fillers and injected ass cheeks.

3. Facetune to the max!


I mean, we all dabble in a little editing once in a while, whether it’s brightening our skin or smoothening out some of the fine lines under our eyes. Every little helps, right?

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