Photos Of Female Soldiers That Almost Went Too Far

Women play important roles in militaries not only in the US, but across the world. From Air Force pilots to ground soldiers, you can find women in just about every branch of military in existence. We respect any person who chooses to serve and defend their country, and because of that – we have made this post as a salute to them! Enjoy learning about these women on the front line all over the world.
A pilot by trade and a regular human in the off days!
She’s terrible. No, really…we’re not being rude, she’ll tell you herself. Her instagram handle is @imtarable – see, straight from the horses mouth. This Texas-based Marine Corps vet is no joke!
The Norwegian officer herself, @juliesletten, everyone! You’d think from her instagram photos that she lives on a beach – not Norway. But who wants to see all those clothes in Norway, anyways?
Coming to you straight out of the U.S. Coast Guard – @jbnetti is a loyal citizen, dedicated to serving her country. One point for Team USA
No one ever said the U.S. Air Force was going to be easy. Kudos to this Airman who remains tough and dedicated despite the physical strain.
The Russian military is known for a lot. A long and storied history that many of us may not agree with. But I think we can all agree that if you have the guts to put your life on the line for your country – you’re all right in our book!
The U.S. Army is clocking in for duty! She’s blurred out her name on her uniform (smart move probably), so although we can’t thank her by name – we do thank her for her service!
Another point for the U.S. Army! She’s loyal to her nation AND she likes to educate herself? Kudos, indeed.
Our first entry from the Navy…she’s an active duty U.S. Navy sailor and an asset to our nation for sure. Thanks for your service, @_torias_secret_
Entering the mix is the U.S. Air Force, courtesy of Airman @elisestephlewis – fun fact, she’s also a competitive powerlifter!
Shout out to all the hard-working, loyal, dedicated soldiers out there! This one in particular…

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