Shocking Moment: Restaurant Worker’s Wise Action Saves 11-Year Old’s Life.

An 11-year-old boy was in dire need of help until this quick-witted restaurant helper came to his aid.

Flavaine Carvalho, one of the restaurant’s members, noticed something at one of her customer’s tables. Something unusual was happening. What was it? Things seemed fishy at that time.

She was doing her regular job while she figured that the parents of the 11-year-old weren’t giving him food. No one had ordered for the poor soul. It was so weird, isn’t it? Who does this?

Carvalho further noticed there was more to the story. Upon having a closer view, she saw the boy was not in good shape. He didn’t look healthy enough as he had bruises on his body and looked very skinny. He appeared to be a victim of abuse. But, still, there were confusions. Oh, God, this is so scary!

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